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Mudra therapy and Natural Cure

Mudra therapy and Natural Cure for Acidity

Mudra an effective alternative therapy which can be used to cure many diseases, It always better to use alternate therapies and natural way rather then continuous medicines .Here is the link for the mudra for Acidiy
Acidity : Prithvi-vardhakKapha-KaarakJal-shaamak
Some Natural Foods that help in curing Acidity.
In spite of its often sharp, sub-acid taste, the fresh grapefruit has an alkaline reaction after digestion. The citric acid of the fruit is  oxidized in the human system and hence the effect is to increase the alkalinity of the fluids of the body. Its juice is beneficial in the prevention and treatment of acidity and many diseases caused by too much acid in the system.
 The citric acid in limes has an alkaline reaction in the system. This acid together with the mineral salts present in the juice, helps the digestion by assisting in the absorption of fats and alcohol and by neutralizing excessive bile produced by the liver. The juice counteracts the effects of greasy food and reduces gastric acidity. It is, therefore, especially valuable in the treatment of peptic ulcers.
The mature dried coconut is valuable in the treatment of acidity. Its oil reduces the acid secretion of the stomach and gives much relief to the patient.
Honey is useful in maintaining the health of the stomach. It tones up the stomach diseases. It also decreases the over production of hydrochloric acid there by preventing symptoms like nausea, vomiting and heart burn . When purified faecal matter and undigested foods are present in the alimentary canal, honey acts as a laxative and emetic and clears the digestive canal of waste matter.
Sugarcane is valuable in burning micturation due to high acidity , gonorrhea, enlarged prostate  , cyctits and  nepthrits. For better results, it should be mixed with lime juice, ginger juice and coconut water.

Mudra and Natural cure and Remedies for hair loss and baldness

A full, healthy head of hair is associated with youth, success, and beauty, and who doesn't want that?

So I got many mails regarding mudra for hair loss. I had given that mudra  but for those who still searching for mudra for hair loss here is the link for that..

Hair-loss/greying: Kapha-Kaarak or Pitta-naashak mudra , Prithvi-vardhak or prithvi mudra

These mudra for Hair-loss will work internally to strengthen your hair by increase necessary elements of your body.

Partial or complete loss of hair on the scalp is rather common among men. This more or less expected in the male, but it is very distressing when it occurs in the female . Premature baldness or hair loss is a tendency  in certain families. Thinning of the hair is often seen in older women , but complete baldness in the female is fortunately rare. Temporary Baldness may occur following a fever or some prolonged illness. The hair usually returns after patient has recovered from illness. Sudden loss of hair in certain areas, a condition called alopecia areata,, may some times follow exteme nervous shock. This may clear up in few weeks, although some time it will recur
But in this modern world(What a common man call)  hair  loss is common to every  man or woman in this generation. Our  older generations never faced this situation apart some people who had  Baldness in their family,,

So what is the main cause that people now days loss their hair in young age The reason is obvious  pollution, change in life style and unplanned nutrition less eating habits.

In olden  days the foods have  enough nutrients that help the body to combat all the disorders  but now days we don't eat or apply any natural  things Believing that is old style and we are after the those products what  modern science had given us. I can say one word Science is boon to  humanity that is why your able to read my views but it is bane  also.It  is the one which causes the problem which is not needed  and it is the one which gives the solution.  So I am not blaming science for you hair loss even I have a little bit hair loss . But one thing is sure that  there many things  in this  world which  can  be prevented using natural way . Science must be used to prevent rather than cause.

So here some Natural Remdies for Hair  disorders and hair-loss and Baldness.

Hibiscus  for Hair loss.
Hibiscus is a common garden plant with a variety of flowers sure to attract everyone’s attention. Apart from providing beauty and elegance to gardens and backyards of houses, hibiscus has several medicinal properties. It is a handy medicinal recipe for problems like dandruff, hair fall, premature greying of hair, high blood pressure, upper respiratory tract infections and indigestion.

Hibiscus is generally consumed as hibiscus tea, available in the market. One can also prepare hibiscus tea at home. It is quite simple to prepare a cup of fresh hibiscus tea, which can be consumed as a general health tonic to keep the physiological functions of the body in perfect condition.
Take fresh flowers from a hibiscus plant and dry them under the sun. Crush them into a powder and keep it in a clean and dry bottle. Whenever you feel like taking hibiscus tea, take a teaspoon full of powder and add it to a cup of water. Boil the mixture, filter it and allow the hibiscus tea to cool. You may add honey or lemon or a little bit of sugar to add taste.
Ayurveda and Unani doctors recommend the use of hibiscus tea early in the morning for a day-long feeling of good health.
Home Remedies
* Hibiscus tea is often suggested as the best home and quick remedy for high blood pressure. Regular consumption of hibiscus tea will keep the blood pressure under check, preventing major health complications.
* If you are obese and want to reduce your weight, hibiscus tea is the best bet. Research studies have shown that hibiscus tea reduces the blood cholesterol levels in arteries and ensures that blood flows through them without any interruption. Blockade of arteries is a serious problem which may even lead to death if the coronary arteries are involved.
* If it is a hot and sultry day and you feel exhausted, then go in for a cup of cool hibiscus tea.
* Body inflammation and swelling can be reduced through hibiscus tea, as it is believed to be a good diuretic.
* Paste prepared from fresh leaves and flowers of hibiscus can be applied on the scalp for treatment of dandruff. It is good for hair growth too. hibiscus shampoo prevents hair fall.

 Indian gooseberry  
  • Prevents Ageing :- Indian gooseberry has revitalizing effects. It contains an element which is very valuable in preventing ageing and in maintaining strength in old age. It improves body resistance and protects against infection. It strengthens the heart, hair and Different glands in the body. It is said that the great ancient sage Muni Chyawan rejuvenated himself in his late 70s and regained his virility  by the use of amla.
  • Hair Tonic :- Indian gooseberry is an accepted hair tonic in traditional recipes for enriching hair growth and hair pigmentation. The fruit, cut into pieces, is dried preferably in shade. These pieces are boiled in coconut oil till the solid matter becomes like charred dust. This darkish oil is an excellent oil to prevent graying. The water in which dired amla pieces are soaked overnight is also nourishing to hair. This water should be used for the last rinse while washing the hair.
Bengal gram:
Washing the hair with Bengal gram flour, keeps them clean, soft and free from hair diseases.
Washing the hair with a paste of cooked black gram dhal and fenugreek lengthens nhair, keeos them black and cures dandruff.
Sesame Seeds.
Crushed leaves of sesame are considered beneficial in the treatment  of dandruff. A decoction made from the leaves and root is used as hair wash. It I s said to prevent  premature graying of hair and promote their growth.


coriander  leaves
Using the paste of the fresh coriander  leaves on the scalp help sprout up fresh hair. Continue this treatement for about a month to discern the effective result . If green coriander be not available , you may use the pulp of the dried coriander seeds. Grind these seeds abd apply the paste on your scalp for a fortnight . This is a tried and tested remedy for baldness.
A typical oil of coriander is also prepared in following way, which is very effective  medicine not only for ensuring good hair growth but also for keeping the head cool and clear.
Take about a kilo of green coriander leaves add, Half a kilo water and half a kilo sweet oil and boil together in a steel utensil. When whole of the water content is brunt, leaving only oily  substance , take it off the fire and add any permissible color if you want.. Using this oil for head massage bring benign coolness to the brain and head. You may use it to massage any part of  the body if any burning sensation is felt . Massaging whole body with this oil in summers is very beneficial.

 Pigeon Pea
A fine paste made of Pigeon Pea pulse is highly useful in bald patches. It should be applied regularly.

Yoga and Mudra Therapy for Diabetes(Diabetes mellitus)

My Inbox is filled with questions asking about mudra for Diabetes, even though I had already posted the mudras people still want more I am now introducing the mudra , asanas and simple diet for Diabetes in this post. Also I will posting some articles about diabetes treat generally and other alternate medicines and also will present the life style needed for the diabetic people to have wonderful and health life. With yoga and simple mudra
" You can have a healthy and sucessfull Life " I can gaurantee the wealth but sucess in life will come if you follow and practic yoga, If not able to do the Yoga, Please do the mudras in this The different mudras for differnt diseases to cure the diseases, YOu can do it any time and where and times, It will do benfit .

Yoga and Mudra Therapy for Diabetes
Diabetes mellitus,often referred to simply as diabetes—is a condition in which the body either does not produce enough, or does not properly respond to, insulin, a hormone produced in the pancreas. Insulin enables cells to absorb glucose in order to turn it into energy. In diabetes, the body either fails to properly respond to its own insulin, does not make enough insulin, or both. This causes glucose to accumulate in the blood, often leading to various complications
The normal fasting blood sugar level is 80 to 120 mg per 100 ml of blood. Anything above these norms can be considered to be a diabetic condition. When diabetes occurs in childhood it is known as Juvenile diabetes. Diabetes found in middle-aged people is known as Maturity onset diabetes. Diabetes is classified intoInsulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus (IDDM) or type I; andNon Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus (NIDDM) or type II diabetes.
# Since cause is not the infection due to any germ or virus, diabetes is also known as germless disorder.
# However, most commonly understood causes are heredity, obesity, mental and emotional stress and strain, prolonged anxiety and conflict, sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise and wrong food habits.

How to cure diabetes using Yoga and Mudra
Diet to control Diabetes:
Brawn added atta for Chapatis, methi, Karela and palak, vegetable salad, jamun and fruit juices can control the diabetes. Two three flowers of Sadabahar is useful preventive method.

Asanas: Sarvangasana or Viparita karani, Halasana, Matsyasana, Vakrasana or Ardha-matsyendrasana, Naukasana, Pavanmuktasana, Bhujangasana, Shalabhasana, Dhanurasana, Ushtrasana, Vrikshasana, Shavasana.
Mudras: VAAYU-VARDHAK Kapha-Kaarak or Pitta-naashak mudra , Apaan mudra
Kriyas: Neti, Vaman or Vastra dhauti, Kapalbhati, Nauli and Agnisara.
Pranayama: Anulom-Vilom, Ujjayi, Bhramari (minimum 10 rounds of each).
Meditation: (10 to 20 minutes).

The mudras and pranayamas also the kriyas can be found in this site, or any other useful yoga sites.

I will be writing some more articles to change the life style of diabetic people in coming days.

Shakti Chalini Mudra

How to do : For this sit Sidhasana or Padmasana. Place the palms on the ground. Balancing the body on the palms slowly raise the buttocks and strike them against the ground several times. Then perform Mula Bandha , the exercise to contract anus and drawing it upwards. Inhale through the left nostril. Join the Prana with Apana and let the combined force pass through the Sushumna. Perform Jalandhar Bandha and try to retain breath. While practicing retention, perform Ashwini Mudra . Then release the Jalandhar Bandha and exhale through the right nostril. The same may be repeated by reversing the nostrils.
Benefits : This bestows a radiant health and long life and awakens the Kundalini Shakti.

Tadana Kriya : Shakti Chalini Mudra is associated with Tadana kriya. One has to strike the Kanda with his foot while seated in Sidhasana.
Gains : This awakens the Kundalini Shakti.

Matangini Mudra

How to do : Draw water through the nostrils but throw it out through the mouth. While throwing th ewater through the mouth, give the mouth a tube like shape and let the water gush forth forcible.
Benefits : Matangini mudra tones the optical nerves and the brain. It removes headache, prevents cold, adds lustre to the face and leads to peace of mind.

Ashwini Mudra

How to do : For this sit either in Sukhasan or in Vajrasan. You may practice this in thie lying pose, keeping th elegs folded in such a way that the heels touch the buttocks, contract the anus and release it. Repeat many times. Contraction and dilation of the anus removes constipation, enables the yogi to master Apana Vayu and helps to unfold Muladhara Chakra or the basal plexus.

Kaki Mudra

How to do : Sit in Sidhasana, draw the tongue out in a tube-like shape and inhale through the tongue. Retain the breath. Draw the tongue in and perform Yoni mudra . Exhale through the left nostril. Again do the same and exhale through the right nostril. Do it several times.
Benefits :This Kaki mudra cools the body, removes excess of bile, purifies the blood and develops the mystic vision.

Shambhavi Mudra

How to do : The practitioner should sit in Padmasana or Sidhasana with eyes steady looking in the void and keeping the mind focused in the heart. One should practice not to wink before this. He has to forget the body and the surroundings and let the mind merge in silence.
Benefits : By dong Shambhavi mudra one has more and more peace come unto him.

Unmani Mudra

This Unmani mudra can be practiced by only those who have reached a higher state in yoga.
How to do : In this one has to sit in Padmasana or Sidhasana with the eyes half open. Then he has to fix mind on the space just a few inches from the eyes. Meditate upon the Self that is formless, nameless and Infinite, without any thought in mind and mind in calm meditation.
Benefits : This gives peace of mind and unfolds inner glories of the Spirit through Samadhi.

Viparita Karani Mudra

This Viparita Karani word means Sanskrit inverted. One has to lie down relaxed. Gradually raise both the legs and the hips. Support the waist with hands more or less in Sarvanga Asan pose.
By tis practice, the positons of the Sun and Moon are reversed. Hence it is called Viparita Karani.
It is the opinion of yoga masters that sun dwells in the navel and moon in Sahasrara. The nectar that flows from the moon is consumed by the fire at the navel. This leads to decay and death. But by the constant practice of this mudra the nectar of the moon is perserved.

Duration recommended is a few minutes to start with but can be gradually increased to two hours or more. After a few weeks the face shines with spiritual lustre, wrinkles are removed, eyes become healthier, and digestion becomes keen.

Yoga Mudra

The perfect way of practising yoga mudra is to be in the lotus first. But it is not easy and everyone cannot do it initially.
How to do: sit in Padmasana-the right foot placed on the left thigh with the sole facing up and the left foot on the right thigh. Keep both the knees well on the ground, the body bent forward without raising the hips form the seat and the forehead back, holding the left wrist in the right hand. Inhale through both the nostrils and perform Jalandhar Bandha (pressing the chin against the chest0. Hold the heels with your hands.
Slowly bend down until the head touches the ground. Then release the Jalandhar Bandha(chin-lock) and exhale. One may bend down without the chin-lock slowly exhaling the breath. Hold the breath, and inhale.
The duration may be about 10 seconds to a minute.
Benefits : This mudra improves memory, gets rid of excess fat(loose weight mudra), awakens Kundalini Shakti and tones the nervous system.

Maha Vedha Mudra

In Maha Vedha, press the Kanda with the left heel. Perform Mula Bandha . Place the riht foot on the left thigh. Then perform Jalandhar Bandha by pressing the chin against the chest. Place both palms on the ground and then balancing the body on the hands raise the buttocks with the left heel pressing against the Kanda, then bring it down on the ground(gently). Perform inhalation of breath in the beginning of the practice and after few times of striking, exhale.
This exercise is a great purifier of the body and the mind. It also awakens Kundalini Shakti and tleads to the attainment of Samdhi.

Maha Mudra

How to do: One has to first perform Mula bandha and press the Kanda(space between anus and the generative organ) by the right heel.Keep the left leg straight. Bend down and hold the big toe of the left foot with both hands. Bring the head down until it touches the knee. This position is also known as Janu-Shira-Asan. In Maha mudra, Janu Shira Asana is associated with the Bandhas, and pranayama. Inhale and while retaining the breath performJalandhar Bandha Bandha . Then Exhale while performing Uddiyan Bandha (taking the navel forcibly towards the back). Perform the pranayama as long as you can.
The same can be repeated by keeping the right leg straight and by pressing the Kanda with the left heel.
The gaze should stay between the eyebrows(bhru-Madhya Drishti). Meditate upon the Ajna Chakra.
duration :This mudra can be done as long as one can.
Maha mudra should be followed by Maha Bandha and Maha Vedha.
Benefits: This exercise enables the combined forces of Prana and Apana to pass through Sushumna, which awakens the Kundalini. This cures Hemorrhoids or piles, gastritis, constipation, consumption and various morbid conditions of the body thereby augmenting digestion and toning up the nervous system.

Mudras for enlightenment

We had so far seen mudras for health and curing disease in my previous posts but there so many mudras beyond for health to enlightenment mudras. Literally the meaning of mudras is a seal. It is called so because it seals the mind with the soul. Exercises falling under mudra are associated with retention of breath. Infact bandhas and mudras go together. Mudras control the vital forces(pranas) and thereby the mind in order to awaken the hidden mystic powers.
Once the potentialities of the spirit are unfolded before the performer, he can conquer all diseases and move towards God-realization.
Mudras helps the striver to awaken Kundalini to check the distractions of the mind and to sublimate vital energy into Ojas Shakti or spiritual energy. With the help of this Shakti he can exp;ore the mysteries.
Once th yogi attains spiritual energy, his personality blooms; he is able to attract men, his will power becomes strong and his mind balanced.
But in order to draw maximum benifits of Bandhas and mudras one must purify heart by selfless service of humanity and by developing virtues such as non-violence, truthfulness, purity. etc. Mere performance on any yoga exercises will not lead to the attainment of powers.

There are so many nudras that are in vogue and practiced, we had seen so far around 26 mudras for health and personality .
Here are some important mudras for enlightenment.
  • Maha Mudra

  • Maha Vedha Mudra

  • Yoga Mudra

  • Matangini Mudra

  • Ashwini Mudra

  • Kaki Mudra

  • Shambhavi Mudra

  • Unmani Mudra

  • Viparita Karani Mudra

    Yoni mudra or shanmukhi mudra

    How to do: Adopt sidhasana pose with both ears closed with the thumbs,both eyes with the index fingers,both nostrils with the middle fingers,and the mouth with ring and small fingers.Inhale and retain the breath.Repeat om and concentrate on Ajna chakra(between the eye-brows).Perform mula bandha and feel that kundalini shakti is ascending the sushuma ans feel that kundalini shakti is ascending the sushumna,piercing the six chakras.Exhale and release the fingers.
    This enables the yoga to enter deep into the heart,for the practice of profound meditation and japa.It awakens the sleeping kundalini and confers great powers to the body and mind.It bestows mental peace and serenity.

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